Statement of Principles – English

Our group aims to inform about political struggles in China from a leftist perspective and to encourage discussions about these struggles within the local left, hence the name „Left Echo.“ In dealing with struggles from below, we want to look for possibilities to show solidarity with activists in China. At the same time, we want to break the distorted images of Chinese society that are drawn by most Western media. Our group was originally named „Leipzig stands with Hong Kong“ and was formed in light of the 2019 protest movement, with the intention to inform about and support the democracy movement in Hong Kong. However, as the regional focus of our work has broadened and we are now working on emancipatory struggles in the Chinese-speaking world in general, we decided to emphasize this shift with a new name.

We oppose nationalism, especially ethno-nationalism, as well as discrimination based on gender, origin, class, appearance, religion, sexual orientation and identity. In our group, we aim to create a non-discriminatory space in which each member can develop to the best of their abilities. This includes to critically take into question our own social positions and reflect on internalized patterns of behavior.

We acknowledge that the injustices in this world are caused by capitalism, authoritarianism, imperialism, racism, and sexism. We want to confront the power mechanisms, that manifest in China as well as in Europe, through a leftist perspective and share these perspectives in Leipzig and online. We are in solidarity with emancipatory movements, such as labor struggles, feminist struggles, environmental struggles, anti-authoritarian movements and movements against the oppression of various ethnic minorities. We work to bring attention to these movements. In doing so, we also want to reflect on the role of Germany and the EU in the above-mentioned issues and show how Western countries profit from oppression and are involved in exploitation in China. Our aim herein is to counteract narratives of geopolitical and systemic rivalry. We also aim to debunk narratives that romanticize or trivialize the regime of the Chinese Communist Party. It is also important to us to paint a diverse picture of Chinese society. This is necessary against the backdrop of a simplifying media portrayal that reproduces racist stereotypes. Reducing people to unconditionally government-loyal subjects of an authoritarian regime creates an oversimplified image of Chinese society and promotes racism and discrimination.

Our goal is to bring China-related issues to the attention of people in Leipzig and online, and to make available information in German, in order to enable a critical view and discussions on these issues. To this end, we use various ways such as rallies, discussions, film screenings, as well as translations of articles and blogs of activists in China.